E-Commerce Trainings

Berkeley Academy, is a platform for  entrepreneurs seeking to develop e-Commerce skills to launch and run a successful e-commerce business. We are as passionate about e-commerce as you are, and share the same drive for value addition to the industry.

E-Commerce Skills & Training

Learn from the market’s best to gain exclusive insights on how to begin your eCommerce career.

Offering Exclusive and state-of-the-art courses for individuals, start-ups, and small businesses looking for a chance to shine bright. With our advanced courses, learn and start your business and manage your financials independently.

Digital Marketing

Become digital marketing expert and learn to manage digital plateforms

Amazon Bootcamp

Learn Techniques on Amazon Sellers account of Wholesale and Private Labels.

SEO / SEM Expert

Learn Search Engine Optimisatio & Marketing by our industry experts.

Mobile Apps Developer

Learn coding for android and iOS platforms and start your career as a professional.

Facebook Marketing

Learn Facebook Marketing to promote your online and local businesses.

Creative Writing

Learning how to become a sucessful content writer for blogs and websites. 

Wordpress Developer

Become a wordpress development and start a successfull career.

Cyber Security

We have designed and develop amazing cyber security courses for your career boost.